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Our Porjects in Detail


We have adopted this village called Chinnamedu in Thiruvallur district and set up the happy village project there.

In this village, we along with the RCC ,(Rotary Community Corps) do turnkey development work - from providing clean potable water to health and hygiene through multiple interventions. Water has been a clear focus - de-silting ground water level rose from a depth of 120 feet, to about 80 feet nearer to the surface. The total area irrigated from cleaned Ponds and feed Channels is about 450 Acres leading to more crops and increase per acre of Rs.25000.

Major Donor : Mr.Vardhaman Jain – SARITHA JAIN FOUNDATION – 4.5 lakhs from 2015 onwards

There are close to 12 ponds in Chinnambedu out of which 6 of them have been desilted. The renovation work has helped to increase the water storage capacity by 2 million gallons.