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Our Porjects in Detail


We have adopted this village called Chinnamedu in Thiruvallur district and set up the happy village project there.In this village, we along with the RCC ,(Rotary Community Corps) do turnkey development work - from providing clean potable water to health and hygiene through multiple interventions

Background : Health and Hygiene – A Soak Pit is a covered, porous-walled chamber that allows water to slowly soak into the ground. Pre-settled effluent from septic tank is discharged to the underground chamber from where it infiltrates into the surrounding soil.

Benefits : Waste water from kitchen and bathrooms are is directed to these pits through pipelines . The wastewater gets filtered and the clean water percolates into the ground to recharge the groundwater table. Prevents waste water stagnation and spread of diseases.

Costs and Donors : Rs.3,500 for one soak pit – close to 35 soak pits have been installed so far funded by RCMTC Trust